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DEPRESSION: "Why Bother Who Cares?"

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Have you ever been through a season of the WHY’S?

Why Get Out of Bed?

Why Go to Work?

Why Bother my Friend?

Why Take a Shower?

Never finding a good reason to get going in the day, week or months, you feel like life has left you and you don’t know how to get it back.

I can recall a time in my life not wanting to function in any role that I had in that season of my life as a wife, mom, and minister. I forced myself to take care of my responsibilities, but on the inside I just wanted stay in bed and not face anything or anyone one.

Why Bother?

Depression comes and steals all sense of enjoyment and motivation. It leaves behind such sorrow, sadness, and hopelessness.

Is it ever going to end?????

Depression can come on suddenly at the lost of a dream, career, health situation, loss of a loved one... all resulting in the loss of DESIRE.

When we find ourselves in these places of despair in our lives, how do we climb out of the darkness we feel surrounds us?


Often times when we lose something like our keys or cell phone, we go back in our head and retrace our steps. We try and figure out where we were last and what were we doing, trying to remember where is the missing item. Hmmmm

Ask yourself WHEN did I start losing OPTIMISM/MOTIVATION for life?

When did it start fading away?

Was it after a divorce, the loss of a child, a health issue, traumatic life situation? Or have I been this way since childhood?

Take 10 minutes to backtrack:

When did it all start?

What was the first series of THOUGHTS that lead me in the direction of despair?

Then begin with the help of a healthy support system. Through community resources or a local church group and wise counsel, begin to chart a new course in a BRIGHTER direction.

Often times we spend time running through life or letting life run us.

We forget to stop and assess what is going on inside of us. Am I ok?

The mental and emotional demands of life can drain us, but if we are not putting gas in our tank, we will run dry.

Taking a time out for yourself is necessary. In busy seasons of our lives, we may not have large slots of time to nurture ourselves with things like taking a vacation or staying connected with valuable relationships. But taking 15 minute time-outs throughout the day to do the things that refuel us is possible. In the office, we take a coffee break to disconnect for a few minutes.

Take a 15 minute break to feed your soul: Listen to an inspirational song. Know what makes you laugh. (A funny animal video. A favorite comedian. YouTube has plenty of choices.) Give yourself a big bear hug for 2 minutes. Go for a gratitude walk. (Take a short walk and feel your steps on the pavement. Have an internal conversations don’t focus on what is absent focus on what you have.)

Allowing yourselves to properly heal. Sometimes early childhood trauma or grievances settle into the subconscious mind. We experience moments throughout our life of happiness, but have not been able to live in true joy. Our inner child is still in need of healing. We may think, “How is that possible? Those things happened so long ago.” While that is true, the lack of healing in those areas have caused us to filter our current life situations though the lenses of the injured inner child. Therefore our current perceptions in life may be inaccurate in some areas.

Often times as we mature, we change and believe that we have dealt with the past situations. But after walking many individuals through their own inner healing sessions, I see many people deal with the leaves and branches on the wounded tree of the soul. While the root of the tree that originated the injury for the inner child has not been uprooted/healed. That root causes leaves of misconceptions to spring up in ourselves, and in attitudes towards others.

Let’s take care of the past so it is not bearing any effect on your future. Schedule your Inner Healing session today!

Taking care of your physical body. Checking in with your physician during challenging seasons is important. Doctors can help identify physical changes in your body contributing to the depression.

Getting a doctor’s advice on dietary changes, adding supplements, or starting an exercise program are all a part of nurturing yourself.

Sometimes we forget one of the most important PERSON we need to take care of is looking back at us in the mirror every day.

Fuel your life with a little LOVE for yourself every day, and today is the best day to start.

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