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My Story

We can all agree the brain and the heart are two important organs that our physical bodies need to operate in optimal health. The mind, which is a function of the brain, and our emotions, which are the feelings of the heart, are equally important for our soul to operate in optimal health called peace. A soul absent of peace displays its harmful behaviors in chaos in the mind and attitudes of the heart.  


                                                                           My soul was one of them.                                                                                                                                                I was great at hiding everything behind my charismatic personality.

                                                                   I had great passion, but zero peace.

As I walked through my own journey of healing with the help of wise counsel and the power of the Holy Spirit, my soul found its resting place in God’s peace. This allowed me to work through life’s storms from a place of rest, not allowing the chaos around me to overwhelm my soul. The result was and is a life of internal peace, which displays itself in optimal physical health.


My Approach

As a Sozo Minister and a Brain Health Coach, I seek to help individuals become aware of the importance of taking care of  their whole body. Their spirit is whole, their soul is healed and they are doing their part to take care of their body.  Together, we then explore the root system in the mind that creates the unhealthy feelings and mindsets toward themselves and others. I deal with the spiritual attachments that may cause some to feel stuck and unable to get past a harmful behavior. I also help develop a support system, equipping others with tools and a plan to start the process of healing to produce change.

I also work with couples to help them understand the unconscious judgments they may be carrying in their own hearts towards their spouses. Offenses within the current marriage or from previous marriages, unfulfilled preconceived ideas about marriage, or unresolved childhood issues against parents can blind couples from clearing seeing their spouses for who they are.

As a Prepare and Enrich Marriage Facilitator, I help bring healing to the foundation of the marriage through Inner Healing Sessions. Then with the Prepare and Enrich tools, I help identify areas of growth in the marriage and establish a plan for a lasting healthy relationship.


Rose Keefe is a Transformational Life Coach, Board Certified with the American Association of Christian Counselors. Since 2013 she has been working with couples and individuals to help them charter a course of healing and restoration, equipping them with tools that allow their potential to impact the lives of others around them. Rose is married to her junior high sweetheart of over 30 years and has 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

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