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FEAR: "Tearing down the What If's in my life."

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Have you lived your life carrying on a conversation with the WHAT IF’S in your head about everything?

What if my health…..

What if my spouse……

What if my child…..

What if my finances…..

What happens at work if…….

Fear can carry you into a very convincing conversation in your head. Fear will predict the future for you. It will create mental pictures of despair, causing your emotions to respond in a negative way. Your emotions will add fuel to the Fiery thoughts of Fear in your head, allowing the mental conversation with Fear to become more intense and realistic. These internal conversations will display themselves in harmful attitudes to ourselves or others.

How do I stop this conversation?

Every conversation has a beginning and an ending.

YOU CHOOSE when the conversation should stop. HOW?

Easier said than done, OF COURSE! Everything we start off doing with good intentions may be a challenge at first. But CONSISTENCY is the key.

Let me ask you a question.

If a child is running around your house having a temper tantrum, would you step in and take charge of the situation?

Of Course, You Would!

You might look the child in the eye and speak to the child in an affirming tone to diffuse the situation.

Take 3 minutes look at yourself in the mirror, take several DEEP BREATHS, and begin to speak peace to yourself. Bringing peace to the storm of FEAR in your mind and emotions. Remind yourself that everything can be solved one step at a time; not all at once. We often overwhelm ourselves with looking at the big picture. A thousand piece puzzle is put together once piece at a time.

What is the one step you can handle at the moment? Write it down and focus on your action steps. Try not to focus on solving the entire situation.

Back to that child with a tantrum - you would then question the child, asking what happened to trigger this response.

Take 3 minutes to question yourself what FEARFUL thought hijacked my mind to spiral me into this emotional pit? Is the thought an assumption or a fact? When FEAR heightens our emotions assumptions feel real, leading us to make blanket statements about ourselves or others. Our lack of understanding or someone’s lack of communication with us can lead us into an assumption that may not be accurate. You may not have all the facts now but work with what you have to create steps to a desired outcome.

Take inventory of your thoughts. Sort out facts from FEARFUL assumptions. Stay with the facts and do not allow your Fearful assumptions to run your mind into outcomes that do not exist.

Finally, you would give the child training to release their injured feelings in a less intense manner that is safe for both them and others.

FEAR can come in at times like an invited guest. It can rush in and flood you all at once or it can be sidle and show up throughout your process. FEAR is real for everyone. But FEAR is not in control of your RESPONSE. Understand, that FEAR is present because you do not have a clear picture of the outcome. Having no place of certainty to rest your hopes on creates an unstable foundation that will allow FEAR and many of FEAR’s friends anxiety, panic, and control to name a few to flood our thoughts and feelings.

HOPE is critical in keeping our minds in a stable position and anchoring our FEELINGS!

Hope becomes blocked when the dark clouds of FEAR cover its view. Finding HOPE when FEAR is knocking on your door is not impossible. Hope is the substance your FAITH rests in. Without HOPE, you can not find your FAITH in anything or anyone. There is a man in the bible called David, who wrote lots of poetry and songs recorded in the Book of Psalms. David faced many threats, defeats and challenges in his lifetime. As you read the book of Psalms, it’s easy to relate to his FEARS and the changes in his emotional state in some way. But David did not allow FEAR to determine the outcome of his attitude. David always found a way to give HOPE a voice in his life. Therefore allowing his FAITH to give DIRECTION to his thoughts and feelings and SILENCE the internal storm within.

Psalm 3 (The Passion Translation)

The Humbling of a King Added (fear) for emphasis

Lord, I have so many enemies (fear’s), so many who are against me. Listen to how they whisper their slander against me, saying: “Look! He’s hopeless! Even God can’t save him from this!” Pause in his presence[a]

The Help of God

But in the depths of my heart I truly know that you, Yahweh, have become my Shield; You take me and surround me with yourself.[b] Your glory covers me continually.[c] You lift high my head when I bow low in shame. I have cried out to you, Yahweh, from your holy presence.[d] You send me a Father’s help. Pause in his presence

The Song of Safety

So now I’ll lie down and sleep like a baby— then I’ll awake in safety, for you surround me with your glory. Even though dark (fear) powers prowl[e] around me, I won’t be afraid.

The Secret of Strength

I simply cry out to you: “Rise up and help me, Lord! Come and save me!” And you will slap them (fear) in the face, breaking the power of their words to harm me.[f] My true hero comes to my rescue, for the Lord alone is my Savior.[g] What a feast of favor and bliss he gives his people! Pause in his presence

You can stay surrendered to fear or allow Hope to build your Faith to overcome fear.

Fear is not your friend . Let's build tools together to keep your life Free from Fear!!!!

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